Listen to ALL of our music!!!

2008-06-10 21:00:53 by jerseyendless

and rate it and review it...and dont forget to add us on our myspace if you get the chance.

Jersey Endless


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2008-06-10 21:56:39

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jerseyendless responds: not interested in that, but can you check out our songs???


2008-06-27 18:51:33

my mic can suck for all i care but my flow and rhymes are still way better than yours u got good mic quality and decent beats but u have no skill compared to me u really need to work on your flow i mean u can realease a track wit your best rap and then ill listen comment on the song and then make a better song with better lyrics so step your game up and dont tell me about all these other artist i kno who they are and i still say im the best and compared to u im really the best srry but u in a lose lose situation

jerseyendless responds:

yo can you go on our music myspace and listen to our two new songs, "reppin our crew" and "just dreamin" and i want your opinion on them. really, the stuff you reviewed was our old stuff and were plannin on remakin it, but doesnt matter now, we have new shit and i want you to check it out and see what yout think about it, thats if you think we suck too much for you to stay away from our music.


2008-07-02 13:43:19

man yall is so good i rated all of yall music but didn't no what to say on some of yall music but nice tho!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S.:rated all 5!!!!!!!!

jerseyendless responds:

nice ma dude, thanks for the love and keep it real. peace!!!


2008-07-03 20:14:35

Dunno how you can say Lejin is fresh when he just dick rides you guys. He still says him, Kellz, and Kalibur are the only 3 people who can rap, then goes along saying you guys are good. Don't you question that?

jerseyendless responds:

that is a good point, and i did tell him that were also good and wondered to ourselves why we werent mentioned in his mixed messages track. are you trynna say that were not good???


2008-07-04 21:15:50

I'm trying to say Lejin doesn't care about you. And out of all people, I'm the one who came to you talking about you got potential, before anyone who even about you. I'm not Lejin, so I'm not gonna sit here and say you guys are great. There's always room for improvement, no matter what you guys think. Like I said before though, Lejin is just amping ya head up to get you on his side. He does that shit with everyone, and then next thing you know, he lashes out on them when they tell him to rap about something else or somethin. I've seen him do it like 14 times already. Just fall back from him, trust me.

(Updated ) jerseyendless responds:

we get that "you guys got potential" thing a lil too much. i know theres always room for improvement, but weve improved and dont think we dont need the potentiality. jersey endless and lejin are cool and he hasnt told us to rap about keyboard gangsters, or a specific person that he thinks is bad on newgrounds, cuz he knows we rap about the real shit. and btw, we got 2 new songs up, jus Stevie B. and EJay, and if you want to listen to them, go to our music myspace page, it should be on the jersey endless newgrounds home page.