yo this ya boiii ejay holdin it down for J.E

2008-08-22 21:24:07 by jerseyendless

Ayo wats good my NewGrounds fam. dis ya boy ejay a.k.a Jae Eazy a.k.a Mr blacrosse lettin y'all know whats good wit ya boiis in J.E. i know i might not be as proffesional as kale ( the guy who usually handles all this NG stuff) is but i wanted to come holla at y'all and get y'all up to date on wats good with jersey endless.
see right now we're all workin on gettin our flow/swag/delivery and voices down.
we know you guys been trying to tell us we need to work on it and i don't know about the other guys but its hard for me to find a voice and style that i like.
so if you guys have a song that you like my verse in or stevies let us know so we can perfect the style we had in that song and maybe that'll help us out.
ESman just dropped a warning song to dis kid Matt dass who has beef wit Stevie B
therefore he's beefin with the whole crew. Me and Steve are workin on a new untitled song that we're just callin track 14. its gonna be another feel-good song so y'all hard ass dudes out there gonna have to wait till Ian and I get in da booth. speakin of which Ian is my dude from PA whos gonna come through and spit wit ya boiis. other than that ryan wariki and kale are workin on their singing voices. so if you been wondering where we been thats what we've been workin on. we're tryna make ourselves better so u guys can enjoy so even better J.E joints ya dig. this won't be the last of me either. i know kale can come down hard on some of you guys when you post your reviews on some of are songs and thats his deal i don't care. but if i reply to your reviews or stevie does we'll try to be a little less harsh haha BUT NO PROMISES AIGHT.
so dis is ya boy Jae Eazy reppin da 908 J.E squad and i'm out for now iight.
thank you for the support and we love y'all haters and fans to death aight!
~<1>~ love


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2008-08-23 13:38:40

You are an amazing rapper. You really need to try and get a deal.

jerseyendless responds:

that was meant for me ( ejay ) right? just makin sure. thanks man.
and shoot i would get down with a deal quick if i could.