just lettin y'all know

2008-08-25 02:39:12 by jerseyendless

ayo if you have anything you wanna say to just one of us instead of the whole group. just put our name on it. be like yo kale, Ejay, Steve so on and so forth.
because one of our opinions isn't necessarily the whole groups opinion so don't come at the whole group pissed off cuz one of us said some foul shit iight? take it up wit da dude who said da shit, ya dig?
anyway dis ya boii ejay. hit us up a.s.a.p iight

~<1>~ love y'all


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2008-08-25 03:15:16

Who the hell are you guys

jerseyendless responds:

were jersey endless. well, Stevie B. and EJay are Jersey Endless. i just run JE on newgrounds and make sure many others get to listen to the music. check out our shit when you get the chance.


2008-10-13 07:48:55

Don't talk 'gangsta' and be a little less ambitious.

jerseyendless responds:

Oh, my apologies, would you like me to speak proper English instead of the "Gangsta" English I'd Normally speak or would you not be able to stomach me if i were to speak my own way?
May i pose a question though. Why be less ambitious?