aw mann we're about to record like 3 or 4 new songs in one session!

2009-02-18 21:39:08 by jerseyendless

ITS gonna be so ILLLL.
Yung Jae a.k.a Jae nyce might get a track wit claze a.k.a killa C
Stevie B and esman are gonna drop a new track.
and we're workin on our next full album!
keep a look out :]


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2009-04-04 03:33:22

good luck on the album, i'll have to take a listen when it drops. really dig your guys' beats.

jerseyendless responds:

thanks for the support man
means alot.


2009-05-03 00:48:31

Keep me posted im interested in hearing exclusive material involving you guys.

jerseyendless responds:

no doubt Lej


2009-05-09 09:05:02

Good luck.
Hit me up if you need a track.

jerseyendless responds:

aight cuz good looks