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2008-06-07 13:11:35 by jerseyendless

this is mainly for those who are the center of attention of Hip Hop NG. not naming anybody but this whole thing needs to stop with you guys. you're acting too fuckin immature for NG and the way you are acting needs to just end right now. one thing that i would not deal with is "zero-bombing" other people's music. you cant jus giving them zeros every single day because it shows that you have no life and it makes you look stupid than usual. i want everybody to cut the shit thats goin on between all of you (not naming anybody because i dont want to start shit) and go back to the way that it was once before.

New song coming up soon...followed by a new rapper!!!

2008-05-16 15:54:46 by jerseyendless

A new song, "My Life" has recently been recorded and will be on sometime within a couple of days. That song, introducing the newest Jersey Endless member, Esman, has the skills and the attitude, so when the song comes up, be on the lookout, and the newest rapper with Stevie B. and EJ. Remember don't forget to check out our myspace and consider our street team. Just talk to Stevie B. or EJ about...don't talk to K-London (me) because I only run Jersey Endless on Newgrounds. So yeah, Peace!!!

Jersey Endless

We're back in the studio!!!

2008-04-23 17:07:59 by jerseyendless

Stevie B. and EJ are back in the studio recording. Expect some new songs coming up sooner or later, and K-London (me) won't be hitting up the studio because I'm not in it anymore :( but it was something that I had to do, so it's Steve, EJ, and Matt hitting it up. Don't forget to check out our songs now, and hopefully soon when the newer songs are up you guys can hit up the songs and hit up the reviews. Peace


CEO (Jersey Endless Newgrounds)

And check out our music myspace page, just click on the link below...

Jersey Endless

Jersey Endless took a 2 week break from the studio to hang out and chill. We have one more week left and we're hitting up the studio again for several more songs on our myspace and newgrounds. One of them is going to be a song called "Claim Your Throne" which will be k_london's last song that he will record before he officially leaves the group for good. But don't remember to check out our songs and leave good reviews for all of them. Peace...

-K London (Jersey Endless)


2008-03-23 13:03:22 by jerseyendless

Ayo whats up guys??? This is K-London, and all-ready member and i'm introducing a up and coming rap group that sounds mad tight right now, and its called Jersey Endless. Jersey Endless was formed around late December of 2007, a couple days after Christmas, when it was Steve Bifano, EJ, and Matt, the DJ. I later joined later in February when it was just getting started and getting better. The first song that came out by Jersey Endless is "Anger", which people say was a hit, but it wasn't our best song. Soon when I joined we came out with two other songs, House Party and Whack MC's, but House Party was a bigger hit than Whack MC's. Later we just recorded four other songs, one with me in it, and those songs are Perfect The Skill, I Don't Need You, Loss of a Loved One (R.I.P.) and the beat used for loss of a loved one was made by war-spawn, who let us use to beat, and lastly, J.E. All Day. most of these songs will be up soon, hopefully today, so I will get back at you for when they do come out, and don't forget to leave reviews to support us, and don't forget to check out our music myspace page, and join our street team. Peace!!!

Jersey Endless

And if you have a myspace, add the music page and leave love on the page, and consider the Jersey Endless Street Team.